Editor’s Introduction

This anonymous scientist is a graduate in medicine, a specialist in P.M.R., and Chief of P.M.R. Service in a public hospital in Europe. She has been a representative of her country in the European union of specialist doctors.

Her experience happened around midnight of September, 1981, while she and her husband were traveling in Nepal.

A Dream of Danger

I was at Sheraton Hotel in Katmandu with my husband, preparing to sleep, and suddenly I “felt” that my younger son, who was 2 years old, and was with my parents in Portugal, had fallen into the water. I woke my husband but he thought that I had a dream. As I could not call home, I spent the last days of vacations very preoccupied. When we got home my parents told us that in that same day, in the afternoon, he fell into the river and had been rescued by a friend of ours.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

It was a very distressful feeling, almost like a pain. I did not have a “vision,” I could not see in what kind of water he had fallen, and so I imagined that it was in the sea because on weekends they used to go to the beach. After, I was told they were by the river near the house of friends they had not visited for a long time.

After this event I feel I will “know” when something is wrong with my children (they are 4), and accept some unexpected explanations that my patients give for some illnesses and cures that I can not explain.