Letter from the President

Letter from the President – January 2021

Welcome to the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences (AAPS).  It is my privilege to serve as the current president of AAPS, and have the opportunity to write the 2021 ‘Letter from the President.’

The materialist scientific worldview has been dominant in academia as well as the medical community for more than two centuries.  This mainstream worldview presumes that the brain is the sole creator of human (and animal) consciousness, and therefore when the physical brain dies, consciousness dies as well.

However, there are other worldviews that propose that consciousness is fundamental to all of life. A substantial body of scientific evidence now exists that supports the more ancient as well as contemporary view that mind and consciousness are core to the existence and evolution of the universe.

AAPS was created to inspire scientists to expand their theories, research, and applications to investigate this postmaterialist paradigm, and this intention includes students as well as the science-minded public.

Some of the current research and publications by our members and Board of Directors include the study and exploration of theories of the nature of consciousness, and experiments on such phenomena such as precognition, the effects of intention, distant healing therapies, non-local interactions, mediumship, the characteristics and effects of energetic awakenings, and near-death experiences.

We hope you will join us for our bi-monthly discussions of chapters of our latest AAPS Volume, led by the chapter authors. We also, in association with the Galileo Commission, will be sponsoring periodic web-based summits to discuss topics related to research on consciousness. Our first one was held December 4-5, 2020, another will follow in April this year.

I look forward to meeting you at one or more of these web-based events.

With a warm welcome,

Marjorie Woollacott, PhD

President, AAPS