AAPS Selected Student Members

All students worldwide are encouraged to join AAPS as a Student member at a greatly reduced membership rate.  When you do, you’ll be affiliated with this important community of scientists and science supporters, and will be making a personal contribution to this important cause. We are building a visionary organization that will have a powerful voice in the world in order to promote open-minded, rigorous, and evidence-based inquiry into postmaterialist consciousness research.

Below are self-selected student members (in no particular order) who wish to share their degree pursuit, university, and research interests.





Degree in progress:  3rd year doctorate of 5

University or organization: University of East London

Research interests: Visionary art and its ability to understand consciousness, politics

Papers published:  Astropolitics Institute – Space and Art, Springer – Aetheric Art and Celebrities

  Davide Lavina

Degree in progress: MSc Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology

University or organization: Liverpool John Moores University

Research interests: Archetypal Cosmology, Depth Psychology, Transpersonal Education

Jonathan Dinsmore

Jonathan Dinsmore

Degree in progress: Masters in Psychological Science (MSc in progress), B.A. in Psychology

University or organization: University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Research interests: Mystical Light Experience, Mysticism, Near-Death Experience, Spiritually Transformative Experiences Generally, Psychedelic Science, Personal Transformation, Psychological Consequences of Secular Beliefs, Worldview and Wellbeing

Papers/projects/presentations/creative works of note:

·      Currently validating a scale for the measure of mystical light experiences;

·      Currently conducting a mixed methods investigation of mystical light experiences;

·      Involved in a collaborative project to study mystical experience as a result of meditation retreats;

·      Involved in a collaborative study of specific religious, spiritual, and secular beliefs in relationship to Primal World Beliefs and Wellbeing;

·      Presenting mystical light research at SoPheRe panel on “Perception in Religious/Spiritual Experience” Spring 2023;

·      Presenting on Mysticism to Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet Speaker Series 11/16/22;

·      Publishing multiple reviews for the Religious Measures Project (publication underway);

·      Co-presenting on the phenomenology of perceptions of Harmony with the Universe, SSSR Annual Meeting 11/22;

·      Presented mystical light research at ReSEARCH Dialogues Conference, UTC, 4/22.

Emily McGill

Degree in progress: MA from Columbia University

University or organization: Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Research interests: Tarot, storytelling, gathering

Aya Nasrallah

Degree in progress: Psychology M.A.

University: Teachers College, Columbia University

Research Interests: Specializing in Spirituality, Mind, and Body as well as Muslim Mental Health


Sandra Pralong

Degree in progress: Ph.D. (Magna Cum Laude in Political Science from the Institute of Political Science in Paris, France)

University or organization: University of Bucharest, Romania; my second Ph.D. in philosophy on consciousness.

Research interests: NDEs, the survival of consciousness beyond bodily death.

Papers/projects/presentations/creative works of note: Master’s Thesis entitled “Consciousness and the Self – The Hard Problem of Near Death Experiences.”

Laurel Waterman

Degree in progress:  PhD, Curriculum and Pedagogy

University or organization:  Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Research interests:  Consciousness education, education research, narrative inquiry, wellbeing, decolonization

Papers/projects/presentations/creative works of note:

Waterman, L. (2022).Stories of a Transformation in Consciousness: A self-study to ground narrative inquiry research in consciousness education. International Journal for Transformative Research, 9(1) 27-39. https://doi.org/10.2478/ijtr-2022-0004

Rapid Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98PQhaMgySE

Shannon Hannaway

Degree in progress: TBD

University or organization: Montana State University

Research interests: Equity in death and dying, grief support and spirituality

Papers/projects/presentations/creative works of note:

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Continuing Education Series Presenter, “Inequality in Death and Dying in Oncology”

Karalee Kothe
Degree in progress: MA from Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Ph.D. candidate for Clinical Health PsychologyUniversity or organization: University of Colorado DenverResearch interests: Understanding how death impacts how we live, consciousness, living meaningfully with suffering, advancing the theory behind the mind/body problem, animal human bond.
James Corrigan

Degrees: MA Philosophy 2009, ABD, PhD Defense 2023
University: Stony Brook University (New York)
Research Interests: My goal is to have an enlightened science founded upon a new paradigm called Responsive Naturing, while also sharing the lifelong contemplative path that led me to it.
Papers/projects/presentations/creative works of note:  Book: “An Introduction to Awareness,” 2006
Paper: “Augmented Intelligence – The New ‘AI’ – Unleashing Human Capabilities in Knowledge Work,”
International Conference on Software Engineering, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012
Book: “Tranquillity’s Secret,” forthcoming, available on Medium.com