Editor’s Introduction

This anonymous scientist has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy and a masters in developmental psychology. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. work. She has contributed three transcendent experiences, the third of which here involves a sudden and surprising shift in what was “merely” a meditation to promote healing into something much more experientially intense.

A Deliberate Healing Meditation Suddenly Gets Very Real

Finally, I have had an experience with distance healing that you may be interested in , as well. I was asked to participate in a local healing circle for a young woman who was undergoing a radical treatment for metastatic, ovarian cancer, in which she was to receive chemo and radiation in an experimental dose.

We gathered to meditate in silence for this woman, who was in a hospital a thousand miles away. We were shown a picture of her, told her name and family status. I visualized the image of her face for a while, and then shifted into to a fairly deep meditative state, focusing only on the breathing, and waves of breathing, doing the usual body scan of vibrations flowing from the head, and down through the body – and expecting nothing more.

Then something completely unanticipated occurred: I began “seeing” with closed eyes, areas of bright colors (Heat? Energy?) in different parts of her upper body, but in the lower abdominal area, I began to see molecular structures – vividly, clearly: necrotic looking cellular structures (as if I were looking at a slide on a microscope, with the familiar patterns of motion). I then began seeing the necrotic matter being bombarded with something, a foreign substance, and a dispersion and disintegration of the matter.

I was absolutely lost in this for quite some time, completely absorbed in watching this with no sense of self or time, so that I was really startled when the chime sounded to end the meditation, and amazed that the hour could possible be over. When were asked to share our experience in the circle, everyone’s was different: some saw her walking around well again, some saw her struggling in a bed, etc, etc. I only saw “inside” her organs.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

To this day, I feel so awed by this experience, which I had never mentioned again until now, simply for the lack of a forum. Not that I feel I can conclude anything from it. At the same time, it certainly raises some questions, and it was a direct experience that I will never forget.

By the way, the woman did respond well to the treatment. But of course, who’ s to say which of the many factors and variables played a part in the recovery. Nonetheless, I have been deeply intrigued by the experience and would gladly participate in exploring it again.