Imants Barušs, Ph.D.
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Imants Barušs, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at King’s University College, London, Ontario, Canada and an Adjunct Research Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Western University, in Canada. With expertise in Consciousness Studies, he teaches courses about consciousness and altered states of consciousness. Imants received his Ph.D., in Psychology, from the University of Regina, his M.Sc., in Mathematics, from the University of Calgary, and an interdisciplinary B.Sc., from the University of Toronto. His dissertation “The Personal Nature of Notions of Consciousness” was published in 1990 as a book by University Press of America.

Since 2004 he has been teaching courses focusing on consciousness and altered states of consciousness. He has written, or co-authored, 7 books, 53 papers, and 22 reviews, and given 112 presentations, mostly about fundamental issues concerning consciousness. His written papers, many of which were invited, have been published in psychology, philosophy, anthropology, mathematics, and physics, as well as consciousness studies journals. He has had papers published not only in English, but also in Latvian and Russian. One of his books, Alterations of Consciousness, published by the American Psychological Association, was listed as a best seller by the publisher and has sold over 4,000 copies. He has served in a number of administrative roles including Chair of the Department of Psychology. He is also a professional member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, the Society for Mathematical Psychology, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Society for Consciousness Studies (which he co-founded). His current research includes the development of a flicker theory of consciousness as well as laboratory and field studies of human-machine interactions with random event generators. Imants has been invited to present papers at the University of Latvia, American Mensa, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of California Berkeley, and the Great Space Center.

His website: Professor Baruss

His publications page which has a complete list and the most recent open access versions: Baruss’ Publications

Most of his older papers are Open Access at: Searching: Scholarship@Western (

Imants Barušs
> Selected Books
Imants Barušs, Ph.D.
> Selected Scientific Papers
Imants Barušs, Ph.D.
Selected Scientific Papers
Barušs Imants, Ph.D.
Barušs, I. Consciousness: Where we are at. Consciousness: Ideas and Research for the Twenty First Century, 2(5): 1–7. 2017.
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