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T A S T E 

The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendental Experiences


Is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists express these experiences in a psychologically and professionally safe space.

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The TASTE project is an attempt to work toward rectifying the limitations of the materialist paradigm which typically does not accept the authenticity of the first-person experience.

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Scope: Anyone Can Read, Scientists Can Contribute. Prof. Tart accepted accounts only from scientists for several reasons.  He says, “First, scientists are my community, my peers.

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2306, 2004

94. On The Hot Coals

June 23rd, 2004|Categories: Cosmic Awareness|Tags: , |

Editor's Introduction Anonymous was trained in Clinical Medical Technology and Clinical Psychology, and has a PsyD degree. As well as currently being in private practice as a state licensed Clinical Psychologist, she has served as a Clinical Director for Children and [...]

605, 2004

93. Peace That Passeth All Understanding

May 6th, 2004|Categories: Cosmic Awareness|

Editor's Introduction Graham Dawson (real name) initially earned a B.Sc. in Physics and Meteorology and went on to a Ph.D. in Dynamical Coastal Oceanography from Reading University, UK, in 1982. From 1982 until 1992, he has worked in information technology [...]

2004, 2004

92. Synchronicity?

April 20th, 2004|Categories: Cosmic Awareness|

Editor's Introduction Karl E. Balliet (real name), now retired, had a long career as a Chief Chemist, and has several patents. His experience was inspired by reading Carlos Castaneda's books. I have always marveled at Castaneda's books, for they have [...]

2901, 2004

91. At One with the Universe

January 29th, 2004|Categories: Cosmic Awareness|

Editor's Introduction Anonymous  earned a Masters in Biomedical Sciences before his MD degree, and received two Young Scientist Awards. He is now in private practice. At One with the Universe Ortho Sometime in July of 2003, I was reading a book [...]

1610, 2003

89. End of suffering near death?

October 16th, 2003|Categories: Near Death Experience|

Editor's Introduction Anonymous  is a psychiatrist with a major American HMO. He was 38 when this touch with death occurred. End of suffering near death? Anonymous  = I was 38 years old and had had an artificial aortic valve implanted on [...]

1709, 2003

88. What Direction Am I Facing?

September 17th, 2003|Categories: Out of body|

Editor's Introduction John Burgeson (real name) received his M.S. in physics back in the 1950s and was employed, until retirement, as a physicist by both the US government and IBM. In the latter position he published some 50 papers and [...]

211, 2002

85. Dream Meeting of Dead Friend

November 2nd, 2002|Categories: Psi (ESP, etc)|

Editor's Introduction Anonymous has a Masters degree, when that was sufficient to begin in a field of science, and is now a Director of a research and development facility in Aerospace Engineering. This experience with a deceased friend happened to him [...]

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