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Evidenced-Based Research

on the nature of consciousness
forms the common language and knowledge base of the Academy.

The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences is comprised of scientists, philosophers, and physicians, who hold a postmaterialist world view.

Membership in several categories is open to professionals, individuals, and students dedicated to the exploration of the nature of consciousness and how our understanding of consciousness affects our experience of reality.

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Full Member

$ 200 usd / yr

For scientists and scholars from any academic discipline or professional field, normally with advanced graduate degrees, interested in the advancement of postmaterialist sciences

Affiliate Member

$ 150 usd / yr

For community members who believe and support the advancement of the mission and goals of the Academy

Student Member

$ 75 usd / yr

Active students enrolled in PhD, MD, other doctoral degree programs interested in careers contributing to the evolution of postmaterialist science.

Senior Member

$ 75 usd / yr

For Academic Retirees interested in supporting the advancement of postmaterialist sciences.

Is Consciousness Primary

The AAPS will be creating a yearly volume related to the latest research on consciousness.

Our first volume, titled “Is Consciousness Primary”
will be published in the summer of 2018.

This volume will be offered to all AAPS members as
part of the membership fee.

You can see the chapter titles of this first volume by clicking here.

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