The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences
welcomes scientists, philosophers, physicians, and others who hold a postmaterialist world view.

Membership is open to anyone in several categories; professionals, individuals, students, and retirees dedicated to the exploration of the nature of consciousness and how our understanding of consciousness affects our experience of reality.

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Full Member

$ 125 USD / Yr

For scientists and scholars from any academic discipline or professional field, normally with advanced graduate degrees, interested in the advancement of postmaterialist sciences

Affiliate Member

$ 100 USD / Yr

For community members who believe and support the advancement of the mission and goals of AAPS

Student Member

$ 50 USD / Yr

Active students enrolled in PhD, MD, other doctoral degree programs interested in careers contributing to the evolution of postmaterialist science.

Senior Member

$ 75 USD / Yr

For academic retirees and other seniors interested in supporting the advancement of postmaterialist sciences.