Editor’s Introduction:

This anonymous scientist  earned a Masters in Biomedical Sciences before his MD degree, and received two Young Scientist Awards. He is now in private practice.

At One with the Universe

Sometime in July of 2003, I was reading a book on “Accessing your Psychic Potential”. I don’t recall the exact Author and title (It’s somewhere in my house, can’t find it now). One paragraph showed how to access your basic Psychic Potential. So I read the paragraph, it said to visualize a spiral staircase, count down from 3 to 1 and then: My mind went blank, my vision went out of focus, my hearing was hyper acute, I was totally at peace. When I would jog in the morning subsequently, I would go through that routine of visualization and hear all the birds chirping, the streams trickling, etc. My eyes would follow the staircase “down” and stay there and be out of focus. I could stay that way as long as I wanted. All my daily worries would temporarily disappear.

Then, in November of 2003, I discovered the book by Eckart Tolle “Entering the Now” and after reading it, I am able to enter my body at will, my mind grows still, my vision blurs and I’m at total peace. I can then fill God inside of me. I now know for sure He is there. I can talk to him and he responds right away. I can go out of my body and visit other people’s bodies and talk to them and hear what they say, know what’s in their heart, friends and current business rivals alike.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

In retrospect, I was at an Aikido Summer camp when in college around 1993, in Waterville Maine. I was sitting in Seiza (kneeling down), during the middle of the week of strenuous daily training, and had a vision of the Master (Kanai Sensei) rounding the corner and approaching the gym. At that moment the door opened and in he walked.

Last year, my wife and 4 kids had left 1 week early to the beach and I was all alone in the house one afternoon. Suddenly, I recall thinking, “My wife is calling” and 3 seconds later, the phone rings and it’s her (400 miles away). Finally, We were sitting side by side in a quiet cinema 8 months ago, before the film began, and out of the blue I get the thought “I wonder what’s going to happen to our Hospital CEO”. Two second’s later my wife asks me that question.