Deborah L. Erickson, MBA, PhD
Executive Director

Deborah L. Erickson, MBA, PhD, is the AAPS Executive Director.  Her PhD is in Psychology with a concentration in consciousness and spirituality from Saybrook University. Her dissertation research was the first mixed-methods parapsychological study exploring telepathic interspecies communication with companion canines. Her most recent research was a telepathic animal communication project engaging therapy horses who work with PTSD and brain trauma injured military veterans (journal article link below).  The significance of this research directly relates to the study of horse-human interaction, specifically on the positive impact of horses supporting therapeutic healing methods for wounded military veterans.

Dr. Erickson’s technical background includes over 30 years in technology management as an IT Director and Technical Project Manager.  She was Adjunct Faculty with University of Phoenix for eight years teaching technology, internet, and quality principles to graduate students.  She is Honorary Website Manager for the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) based in London, England. Founded in 1882, the SPR was the first society to conduct organized scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models. From the SPR website:

“Psychical research and parapsychology are concerned with the scientific investigation of the ways that organisms communicate and interact with each other and with the environment, that appear to be inexplicable within current scientific models. Stories of the paranormal (apparitions, prophetic dreams and visions, inexplicable awareness of events faraway, divination, miraculous cures etc.) have been with us since antiquity, but it was only in the 19th century that the subject began to be studied in a systematic and scientific way.”

She is also a Research Associate with the University of Arizona, College of Science, Psychology Department Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness & Health (LACH).  In the planning stages is an expanded animal communication research with equines that will build on her earlier pilot, to continue exploration with therapy equines who work with PTSD veterans. This will be a much larger study, with at least 10 PTSD equine therapy facilities across the United States, at least 50 PTSD veterans, and 10 or more animal communicators.  The pilot study also documented the state of the horse’s mouth health prior to a veterinarian’s examination.  This effort will attempt to duplicate the 100% accuracy rate of equine mouth health as published in the PTSD study, but at a much larger scale and number of equines involved.

Dr. Erickson is a telepathic interspecies communicator, Reiki Master, and Healing Touch for Animals practitioner.  Other volunteer work supports the American Rose Society as Consulting Rosarian, Horticulture Judge, Arrangement Judge, and Webmaster for the ARS Pacific Northwest District. She also builds backyard fences with Fences for Fido, an all-volunteer organization working to “unchain” dogs in their backyards.  More information is available at

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Deborah L Erickson, PhD

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