Editor’s Introduction:

This anonymous scientist has a Ph.D. degree, with training in Virology, Entomology, and Biotechnology. She is a staff scientist at a biotechnology company and has published several journal articles in her field. This experience happened in May of 2000.

This type of coincident dream experience is probably much more common than we suspect, but, when it is only puzzling, tends to be forgotten or not talked about. Certainly some coincidences are just coincidences, but sometimes…

Coincident Dreams

My husband and are both scientists, and have been married for 12 years, with two children. I woke up and told him about a vivid dream I had just had. The dream involved the aftermath of a nuclear war. I was out in a what looked like a typical California countryside with rolling hills and dry brown grass (summer), studded with live oaks. In the house, I was trying to block the windows, doors, etc. against the radioactive dust coming in. I felt helpless and frightened in the dream, unable to protect the family.

When I told my husband about the dream, he said he had just had the exact same dream, complete with the hills, brown grass, oak trees, and radioactive dust, etc. However, he had assumed we were in Texas, where we used to live, which can look a lot like California.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

There is no obvious reason we would have just had this same dream together — no recent news stories about nuclear conflict, no conversations about it. Very odd and disturbing.