Editor’s Introduction

This anonymous scientist  is trained in medical neurobiological research, in which (she) earned a Ph.D. and an M.D. degree. She has worked as a Senior Scientist. She has been awarded grants, patented several clinical immunoassays, published more than 30 articles in leading journals, and co-authored one book.

This experience occurred in 1990-91 in the Soviet Union.

Untitled by Choice

I had a number of altered and higher states of consciousness experiences while conducting immunological testings in vitro. I found that my state of consciousness influences the result of the testing. I developed a number of techniques which involved the binding of different types of molecules together (like specific enzyme immunoassay using the liposome-linked components for components of the nervous tissue). The speed of binding, the degree of affinity of the molecules and some other parameters depended on my state of consciousness and also on energy from hands and/or heart “chakra”[1] directed into the vials and enzyme immunoassay using the liposome-linked components plates.

[1] Editor note: a chakra is an interiorly experienced energy center in yoga.

I could not believe my eyes, so I shared it with some of my confidant colleagues. We successfully repeated the experiments on my in vitro model, then succeeded in applying the same influences while developing the antivirus interferons in the laboratory of the other institute, where the chief researcher was secretly interested in meditation. This was aborted though in 1992, when I completely I lost interest in neurochemistry, stopped doing neuroimmunology and turned to transpersonal studies.