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95. Spiritual Awakening of a Scientist

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Editor's Introduction: Dr. Marjorie Woollacott graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California in 1968, and was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. She received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California in 1973 and her M.A. from the University of Oregon in Asian Studies in 2005. She was [...]

67. Cosmic Consciousness Experience at Age 16

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Editor's Introduction: This anonymous scientist  has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and was a government researcher who authored some 60 publications in his field during the 50s and 60s. He is now 89 years old and retired. I find it particularly interesting that this scientist has stayed with the paradox of having seen, at the deepest possible level of [...]

64. Suddenly, the Pervasiveness of Love

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Editor's Introduction: Christiaan Thiers (real name) is a retired General Manager of a technical department of a major international photographic products company. He has a B.S. degree and is the holder of a number of patents that developed various photographic processes, such as color masking, avoiding color crossover, and two-sided document handling in photocopiers. His [...]

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