Editor’s Introduction

This anonymous scientist has a PhD degree and has been trained in Analytical Biochemistry and Cognitive Psychology. He has been employed as a Research Fellow, but is modest about his accomplishments, ” Nothing special – published research in well known psychology journals, attended all the usual conferences etc.”

His experience one early summer evening when he was 28 years old, sitting in his university office.

Ecstatic State

For some reason I decided to sit quietly at my desk after finishing my work for the day, and count my breaths for a while.

After a couple of minutes I had the experience of waves of energy flowing up my spine and into my head. A feeling of ecstasy accompanied the experience and this feeling lasted a couple of hours after the energy feeling subsided.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

It is one of many unusual experiences I have had before and since. Others have included out-of-body experiences, universal ‘at one with everything’ experiences and various altered states of consciousness etc.

I don’t make too much out of them – like most religious/mystical/spiritual experiences they may seem to reflect an external, transcendent reality, but could equally well be explained as exclusively internal phenomena, after Michael Persinger’s work for instance. Quite enjoyable though!