Editor’s Introduction

This anonymous scientist has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy and a masters in developmental psychology. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. work. She has contributed three transcendent experiences, the first of which here involves an apparent precognitive dream.

Precognitive Dreams

I have had a number of psi experiences throughout my life, beginning with a very significant precognition dream portraying my brother’s funeral service in precise detail two weeks before his unexpected death (he was 11, and I was 10 years of age). I have subsequently had many other precognition dreams, as well as many telepathic type experiences in which involved visualizations that I had assumed were merely my imagination, but later were found to be the precise reality.

One involved my son Jay while he was serving in the Peace Corps in Thailand. Although his letters to home had been quite positive, I had an extremely intense, spontaneous visualization of Jay slumped sadly in an odd looking chair in his crudely built hut, looking totally lost and distraught amidst a pile of books, his guitar, letters, photos, etc. His sadness was entirely palpable, absolutely penetrating – an overwhelming feeling of empathetic resonance, yet…to an image? A strong intuitive impulse led me to confirm plans to travel to his village and spend some time with him as soon as I could – which I did a few weeks later.

When I entered the hut, I felt stunned to see the precise visual that had come to me weeks before, right down to the smallest and most curious details. He had never described the surroundings and I had no prior knowledge from any source (other than the image that had come to me). Later that evening, after spending the day in a joyful reunion, Jay actually slumped exhaustedly in the very chair I had imagined, surrounded by the very objects I had “seen” and began to tell me of his time of anguish – to the point of his drafting a letter to be excused from the site assignment (which he never did send).

What is so significant, is that this moment was a precise re-creation of what I had visualized a month prior… and there is simply no ordinary explanation for how this could have occurred: not only had I never seen the place in all its unfamiliar detail, I had no “official” information that Jay was not perfectly content there. This happened in late October 1993. There have been several other occasions which I could elaborate on, in which similar pre-cognitions occurred regarding my other two children, as well as other very significant people in my life – former husband, etc.