Editor’s Introduction

In contemporary Western culture we expect – indeed often demand – a strong split between science and spirituality. If a person is identified as a “scientist,” we don’t expect them to actively pursue a spiritual life and visa-versa. Thus this account from a woman who was raised in the traditional spiritually oriented culture of India but is also a scientist is of particular interest.

This anonymous scientist earned a Bachelor’s degree (B.S) in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry, an M.A. in Philosophy, a second Masters in Science (M.S.), and a Ph.D. in Science, received in 1982. Her research has specialized in Immunology, Hematology/Oncology, Ovarian breast cancer, Leukemia & Lymphoma and Alzheimer’s disease. She has been an assistant professor at a prominent American medical school and a researcher at a Veterans Administration research facility. She has published several papers in her specialty areas

The culminating experience that she describes below occurred in December, 1993.

Self-reflecting Suns – Burning, Turning, Yearning

I feel that scientists and philosophers are the two people who are closer to God because both are in search of Cosmic Truth where; one is visible to naked eye and the other is visible through an inner third Cosmic Eye (inner vision) which opens up in self-inquisitive self-contemplative meditative mind to capture and grasp the subtle secrets of Cosmic Vibrations filling, pulsating and echoing within and around us.

I remember myself being caught in this self-enquiry right from childhood…when I was just 8 years. I was just eight years when I happened to meet a very learned saint who was chanting so vibrantly and melodiously certain stanzas to elderly group in their 40’s and 50’s. When I stood there listening, he asked me to come and join the group and asked me to repeat a stanza after him in Sanskrit. He was very impressed with my correct way of saying and he asked me if I wanted to learn Yoga and learn how to chant these verses from Bhagavad-Gita (Hindu Bible). These verses are so difficult to chant that more than 95% Hindus don’t know how to chant. I would go to learn from him along with 20 other kids from sharp 6 A.M. to 8.A.M. before going to school. I went to him for four years…and I learnt most of the book consisting of 700 verses without looking by the time I was 12 years. People(my relatives) used to gather around me to listen. Of course…I never really understood the depth or inner meaning of these verses.

I took a break from science after B.S and did a two years Master’s degree where I had to do Eastern and Western Philosophy. I enjoyed reading about Socrates, Plato’s philosophy and had the chance to read several interpretations of Gita. Later I joined for another Master’s program in Science and continued my career in Science towards Ph.D.

As a child one question always bothered my mind…which was what does God really look like?. As a child during my teens in (1969),I got a strange dream. In my dream…my grandfather (who was dead) came to me and instructed me to go inside a beautiful castle-like building, pointing towards it, saying “Go inside…you will find God”. I could only remember that the next minute I was inside this castle. I did not see God or anyone…but I saw several huge parallel mirrors all around the central hall where I was standing. I could only see my reflection. Suddenly one of the mirror had a glowing, vigorously revolving sun and within no time every mirror had these self-reflecting suns beaming such radiant light. Within a few seconds…all I could remember was that there were no suns…no mirrors and no me. Everywhere was this light and I could not see myself too. Suddenly I felt light in weight and was lifted off…and I was disturbed by my mother trying to wake me up. As a child I did not get an answer as to what God really looked like (perhaps I expected to see Krishna?).

It was only after 20 years, I began to realize the concept that God is none other than Infinite Omnipotent and Omnipresent All pervasive Energy.

In 1992 I had the opportunity of learning Kriya Yoga from one of the very rare Self-enlightened saints that I have ever met whose name is Sri Ganapati Sachidananda Swami. He has devotees all around the world. He walks in 20feet deep fire without being touched by the fire. Thousands of people are claiming that they have been completely cured of cancer and other diseases by Sri Swamiji’s Vibhuti (holy ash) which He brings out from his body. He manifests several things and all over the world many people are being helped by him. During Kriya Yoga first He transmitted His Divine Energy to all of us through a rope while playing a special tune (music). Later…He walked to each one of us when we were meditating in a dim-lighted room wearing only white clothes. Sri Swamiji…touched each one us with a special long (about20″ long) beautiful crystal between our eyebrows. We were asked to close our eyes and not open while He touches our forehead with this crystal.

Each one of us had different experiences…while I saw myself in a very bright light (as though I was standing in the middle of sun, yet I could see this light with no problem) and it was as cool as in Himalayas. I remained in this state watching this beautiful beaming light of changing colors for more than 20minutes!. A person who could show me such an experience…definitely is aright Guru for me and I became His devotee since then.

After an year…in 1993…while my meditative experiences started increasing…I longed to have more and more of these experiences. I learnt how to sit in Padmanasana (a special yogic posture) – Editor and within few minutes…I could completely detach myself from the physical body and go into this expanded part of me in my meditation room. I was also reading several books on Transcendental Meditation and “crystal gazing”.

One day…(December, 1993), I got up early in the morning (3 A.M.), took a shower and went into my meditation room. On that day I challenged God to appear in front of me not in a dream state but during my conscious state…either as some form (Krishna, Jesus or any incarnation), or as a lightening/light. I thought if I see within 24 hrs…I would give up everything of what I eat except rice, yogurt, milk and plain piece of bread which I thought was enough for my body’s survival. I sat meditating for almost three and a half to four hours without moving single part of my body including my finger(I made my body freeze or in-active). Finally… I got up and nothing really happened. I came back from work at 6 P.M. and I convinced myself thinking that…”How can God appear to ordinary persons like me? One should be a true self-enlightened saint.” My family started watching Jeopardy…and I went back to my bed-room and started reading Baba Muktananda’s book entitled “Play of Consciousness”. I had my table lamp on besides my bed. It was only 7.30 or 8 P.M. I never go to sleep until12 or 1 P.M. in the night. My entire family sleeps very late.

While I was reading…I suddenly saw my entire room illumining and a slow current passed through my toe and went into my body. I was so confused and puzzled as to what I saw! I sat in my bed thinking that there must be lightning outside my room. While I was still puzzled…the same light filled my room again and in exactly same way something entered my toe and gave a real kick of vibrations in my body. Everything disappeared within few seconds. I could not tell anyone as to what I saw…including my husband. I secretly wrote to my parents…who knew my Divine nature from childhood.

Yet…this experience has really not altered or changed my other part of life and this never got repeated any other time (till today).

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

My Guru gave me a Mantra and I use this Mantra and meditation in my work. In 1987, when I joined as a Post-doctoral fellow, our lab was trying to develop Monoclonal Antibodies to very subtle and difficult one amino-substitution Hemoglobin variants. My senior colleague who taught me the technique was very intelligent and the rest of the lab people were very well-trained too. They tried for almost three years with no success. I could succeed in producing one by one each one of them through the power of my meditative mind and mantra of my Guru.