Editor’s Introduction

Keith Beasley (real name) received a B.Sc. from University College of North Wales in Electronic Engineering and took up a post in industry where he became a Manager at Plessey Research, Caswell (later part of GEC-Marconi). He had responsible for Reliability and Quality Systems at this microelectronics R&D facility. He notes that he is acknowledged as a ‘European expert’ on electronics reliability, and has served as Chairman of a number of standards groups, resulting in three books on ‘Total Quality’. His initial experience occurred in 1994 at home in a quiet village in South Northants, UK.

Although his experience eventually led him to give up his career in electronics in favor of one in a Reiki, a form of “energy healing,” his attitude, interestingly, did not become anti-science but rather a more inclusive one.

Everywhere and Nowhere
Keith Beasley

I was laying on my settee in my lounge listening to ‘The Way of the Dolphin’, a beautiful CD by Medwyn Goodall. I was just relaxing, no particular intent, nothing special about the day or time. I was imagining swimming with the dolphins in the music, when I found I WAS swimming with them! There was no sense of separation – I was actually there. Then my mind drifted to my place of work (for whatever reason!) and I was there too! AND I was still laying on my sofa. In fact, wherever my mind drifted to, there was I, all senses immersed in that time and place.

I allowed my mind to explore its new realms. This higher level of consciousness enabled me to be ANYWHERE, on this earth or beyond it . . . not in any particular physical form, but able to fully experience that place. I then realized that not only was I anywhere, but I was EVERYWHERE. Then the idea that if I was everywhere, then I was nowhere in particular!

Whether the experience lasted a few moments or 5 or 10 minutes I can’t recall now, but it changed me. Not long afterwards I took up Reiki Healing. In 1996 I gave up my job in electronics to teach Reiki. Through Reiki practice I find that I can now reach this transcendent state fairly easily. Indeed, it is a state of mind that is becoming my normal state – in Reiki we call it the Mystic Order. It does not isolate you from the world around. On the contrary, it connects our divine self fully into ‘the here and now’. I recommend it as a way of giving life meaning!

Many Reiki students of mine now report similar experiences. Such transcendent times help us find our true self. It is my experience that they are available to anybody who is ready – this web page gives a visualization that many find a useful enabler to connecting with our higher self: http://www.gn.apc.org/tigger/spiral.htm

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

The idea of being ‘everywhere and nowhere’ appealed to me and helped me let go of many preconceived ideas – including the need for scientific proof – I realized that it is personal experience that enables us to grow. When we transcend time and space in such Mystic Order moments, we know that ‘Nothing Really Matters’. This is a real challenge to our scientific training! However, the point about transcendent experiences is that they help us to accept that everything has its place in this world. The One-ness that we become part of embraces the spiritual and the material, the scientific AND the mystic. The fact is that we have thinking, analytical, minds that like to understand (in intellectual terms) what these experiences are, and what they mean. We cannot deny this part of us . . . transcendent experiences however help us to put them in perspective – to see that scientific theories, like religious philosophies, are paths on our personal growth, tools to help us become our true self. All paths are valid. After all, is that not why we are scientists – to probe the very meaning of life itself? What transcendent experiences do is to remind us, in no uncertain way, that we are each part of this wonderful thing we call life!