Editor’s Introduction

This anonymous scientist  has a Ph.D. in astrophysics and is employed as a research physicist at a world-renowned university.

(His) experiences have occurred at random times, up to several times per year, at various places. His experiences started when he was 16 and he had no other transpersonal/spiritual/psychic experiences before these.

Humans, the Earth, the Sun and Stars

Once a every few months or so, I get this incredible, almost overwhelming sense about the inter-connectedness of all humans, all life, all matter. We all know intellectually that everything and everybody came out of the same supernova explosions five or ten billion years ago, the stars, the sun, the moon, and the planets all came out of the same Big Bang as the rest of the universe. But it seems as if one of the main goals of society is to create barriers between everyone and everything, so we do not understand our interconnectedness and common origin and fate. Yet this contradicts our best knowledge of astrophysics experiment and theory. Surely there is a chasm between our scientific understanding of our inter-connectedness and the state of normal civil society.

However, for those few moments, when some set of conditions arise, I am overcome by this sense of how we are all part of the same entity, how we are all unified and in this universe together. My connections to people, to things, to stars seems very common-sensical and obvious — seems powerful and I feel it in my bones. I know it is true in a profound way. These moments give me peace and wisdom, and courage to go on and grow and help change the world to help break down some of these barriers, in some modest and appropriate way.

I would think that if everyone could have some of these moments, the world would be a much better place to live in.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

Queried by the editor as to what circumstances seemed to trigger these experiences:

I am not sure what brings it on. Somehow, I just experience a “quietening” of the noise of civilization, and simple things become beautiful and cosmic. I cannot explain the cause. It might be a particular movement or action by my children sometime, or perhaps some other aspect of a person’s humanity manifesting itself in an ordinary or extra-ordinary way. I have not done a careful study about the circumstances. – sorry!!

Asked to expand on the emotional qualities of the experiences:

I think I really feel this in my heart — it is not just neurons working — it is a deep truth that supersedes or encapsulates normal knowledge and learning. One of those “in your bones” feelings.