Editor’s Introduction:

Igor Kononenko (real name), Ph.D., is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Working in computer science and artificial intelligence, he has published more than a hundred papers in scientific journals. This experience occurred in 1995 when he was 36 years of age. It is interesting to see his progression from someone with no interest in unusual areas of life to someone who is now researching them.

Healing on Distance
Igor Kononenko

I had problems with my heart some years ago. I wanted to help myself and do some kind of relaxation. It worked a little bit but not enough, so my pains were becoming worse and worse. One day I heard about my old colleague: she was healing people with crystals on a distance: she only needed a photo. So I said, ‘This cannot hurt me’, and I sent her a photo of myself.

One month later she made only one distance seance and I didn’t know she was doing that. I only felt very strong reaction: very strong pains and I thought I will die. The next morning she called me and explained me what she was doing. And I said: ‘I thought I will die.’ She apologized that she didn’t warn me and she said that it is a normal reaction to the healing by energy (she had no motivation to lie, we were colleagues and she is not healing people for money). And from that day I don’t have problems with my heart any more…

I started to read literature about that, to meditate regularly and also went to some seminars about self-healing and about helping other people. I soon realized that it works very well. Many of my friends and colleagues were surprised when I had a contact seance with them as they felt the energies (but usually feelings differ from person to person and it highly depends on the current state of the person). Later I’ve got the ability to heal people at a distance.

So, now I know that things such as healing people (sending healing energy) on very high distances is not only possible but it works very well (in fact the physical distance doesn’t matter at all). I have already quite some experience with that. For example last month Tatjana Zrimec, my roommate at the Faculty, was in Australia and in one healing seance she felt as if I were near her (I was in Ljubljana during the séance, of course).

Another example: when I’ve got this ability of healing people on distance (it was about 10 months ago), I couldn’t believe it. So I called my sister by phone (she lives 10 km away from me) and told her, that I will be sending her energy for 10 minutes, but I didn’t tell her in which parts of the body. Then I was concentrating first on her stomach, then the spine, and then the right foot. When I called her after 10 minutes and asked her what did she feel, she said: First it was very warm in my stomach, then it spread all over the body and at the end it was an emphasis on the legs with special emphasis on the right foot. So it works very well!

Another interesting proof is the following. My son (9 years old) can see these energies and he is even able to see the aura (energetic cloud that surrounds every living being and even nonliving things, which however have much smaller auras). Once he drew my aura and painted it with colors, which came to me as a big surprise. I didn’t know at that time, that aura has such colors. Two weeks later I found a book where the picture of aura was given and the colors matched perfectly to the picture of my son!

Yet another interesting example: My sister was told several years before the war in former Yugoslavia by a certain person that she will get married to an Italian and that there will be war in Yugoslavia. At that time nobody (or almost nobody) even could dream about such terrible things were going to happen in Yugoslavia. So the sister just laughed when she heard the predictions. But both predictions were correct…

During the operation (when her first son was born in Italy) my sister ‘went out of her body’ and was watching the preparation for the operation (for a few minutes) from the top of the room and she felt very nice during that time. When the surgeon touched her body she immediately returned back into it.

During one group meditation (about 40 people) we were sending the so called ‘energy of love’ to a child which was at that time in coma (for several days) in a hospital, several kilometers away. The next day the child awoke and told to her mother that she was visited by ‘angels’ and she described some of them as old persons with long beards and the most kind was the one that was all pink (and that is the color of the ‘energy of love’). And the child was not religiously educated and was never in church before. This story was told by the mother of the child to our group next week and she was crying during thanking us (and she was the atheist till then).

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

The experience have affected my personal life as well my scientific work.

Personally> Now I know that there is something (a god, a creator, a spirit, a superintelligence, a director of the universe,… whatever term you prefer) because I can feel the energies and I can help the other people by ‘channeling’ those energies. Yet, however, I am currently still limited in recognizing the whole truth as I don’t have enough ‘clean’ mind. I still have many fears, angriness and doubts, but am trying to change that. And it seems that three things are very important: meditation (opening yourself to universal energies), concentration (invoking your own spiritual energy) and praying (but probably all three different approaches are one thing).

Nowadays people suffer from chronic lack of love. Instead of accepting and loving each other we are afraid of everyone and especially of ourselves. We fear from not being accepted, from not earning enough money, from being different to members of the ‘flock’, we are afraid to tell or even to hear the truth, etc.

My experience is that we block the channels of our spiritual bodies and the physical body with our wrong thoughts: fears, angriness, hates, jealousness etc. And the first thing that we block are our senses (because we are afraid to feel pain, to feel sickness, and even to feel the truth). Of course later we block other parts of the body, and because the senses are blocked, we are not aware of sickness unless it appears very obviously and painfully. With ‘bioenergy’ (‘universal energy’, ‘cosmic energy’ or ‘chi-energy’ etc.) people can help themselves and some, who have cleaned themselves to some extent, can help also the others to unblock parts of the channels and the energy then cleans out the sickness. However, this is only a help. The major doctor is still in the head of the person. If (s)he continues to fear, hate, etc. the blockades will return and the sickness will progress. So the switch in your mind has to be done by yourself (and that is your free will).

Scientific work> When I was personally completely convinced about the truth of all unusual phenomena, I started to search for scientific proofs. Recently developed technology, based on the Kirlian effect, for recording the human/plant bioelectromagnetic field using the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique provides potentially useful information about the biophysical and/or psychical state of the object/patient (Korotkov, 1998*). We have recorded coronas of fruits and human fingers with the Kirlian camera. The recorded coronas are then processed and described by a set of numerical parameters. Then we use machine learning algorithms to interpret the GDV coronas in order to verify different hypotheses. Till now we performed several independent studies, three on plants and six on humans. For more info see my homepage: http://ai.fri.uni-lj.si/xaigor/

* K.Korotkov (1998) Aura and Consciousness: A New Stage of Scientific Understanding, St.Petersburg, Russia: State Editing & Publishing Unit “Kultura”.