Editor’s Introduction:

This anonymous scientist  has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science. She has been employed as a mechanical engineer, a software engineer and as a high school mathematics teacher. This Unity Experience happened to her when she was 32 and living in Florida. She is still wondering why……

Unity, Gnosis Experience

experience = In early 90’s I had been dealing with issues of abuse from my step father through therapy with a psychologist. I found myself reading self help books and realized the woundedness of my step father as a result of his own upbringing. While pondering upon my step father, sitting in a chair in my family room, I felt compassion for the man instead of loathing and forgave him.

Spontaneously I entered an altered state of consciousness. I felt a total state of bliss (it is indescribable) and love that had no inkling of judgment. I felt as if I must be in the presence of God or “The light” as I began to understand it. This love without judgment was a surprise to me as it was not in alignment with my childhood teachings of God. Being always the seeker, in my mind I began asking questions while in this state. Like how did the universe begin? I was shown that a loving thought manifested itself into a physical reality. I asked what happens when we die and felt myself being further pulled into the bliss. I stopped myself from total communion with the source because I felt to do so I would have to loose myself. I felt a bit saddened to realize that to become one with the “source of all things” meant that “I” would no longer exist. I immediately understood that there is no reason to fear death.

Without words but by “experiencing” knowledge I was shown that we are all one. And that all religions are basically saying the same thing but we fight over the details/language of our understanding.

I stayed in and out of the state for several weeks and experience heightened psychic ability, which became a bit overwhelming at times. I continued to ask questions and be taught during my waking hours and even during my sleep. Things of the nature of “all of time is now,” knowledge is endless, understanding paradox, and the experience of infinity. I say “experience,” because there are no words to describe its meaning, only thru the experience of it will one understand infinity.

Over the years my receiving of universal teachings and the blissful feelings connected to the “source” has diminished to almost none. I am not even able to recall all the teachings and look to new thought/spiritual books as a way to reconnect and remember what I know in my soul, but do not readily have access to in this reality.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

The whole experience was overwhelming, especially since the understandings I had gained were not even remotely in my realm of thinking before the experience. I felt a bit crazy, but knew what I had experienced was real. I was also unable at the time to “feel” for someone who had a similar experience to help me comprehend what was happening. The proof for me and validation of the experience has come in reading books. I had read Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukav etc. Their books have been proof to me that the universal teachings shown to me are valid and available to all of us on this planet. Now if I could just figure out how to get back to that experience, I have so many more questions to ask: Like what triggered the experience in the first place? Contemplation? Forgiveness? Going inside to get my answers?

This experience has been life changing. I and am no longer fearful that I will be judged upon death if I don’t hold certain religious beliefs. There is peace in knowing there is something so loving out there in the universe and that all of the events on the planet have meaning and purpose even though we might not readily understand why. It has become a mission of mine to understand why and how this experience happens and to find others to discuss their experience.