Editor’s Introduction:

Robert E. Valett (real name) has an M.A. from the University of Chicago and an Ed.D. from UCLA. Now emeritus, he has been a Professor of Special Education at California State University, Fresno, a past President of the California Association of School Psychologists and received a Distinguished Psychologist Award (1982) from the San Joaquin Psychological Association. Professor Valett has published 20 books and more than a hundred articles in his profession. His out-of-body experience happened during surgery when he was six years of age.

Near Death/Out of Body
Robert E. Valett

After a chronic ear infection (before the days of modern antibiotics), I had a major right-ear mastoid operation during which I found myself hovering near the ceiling, looking down on the entire procedure, and finally moving slowly back into my physical body. Recovery treatment required two months in the hospital, with continual drainage problems. I later learned that I had nearly died during the long operation, which required removal of extensive mastoid bone and tissue.

Contributor’s Comments on the Experience

Since then, I have felt my life to be an unusually fortunate one with special interest in Jungian psychology and experimentally confirmed OBE(out-of-the-body)/transcendent experiences. It also stimulated my writing my books on Self-Actualization, Humanistic Education, and Spiritual Guides to Holistic Health and Happiness. I am still interested in collecting and investigating OBE/hypnosis experiments.